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Pakhtuns' aspirations for peace and Unity traped Pakistan in its own foolish game
Posted by AFSHEEN101 on 3/29/2008

Pakhtuns' aspirations for peace

Abid Jan Razarwal - Mar 25, 2008 - 08:34

KABUL (PAN): The coming into power of Pakhtun nationalists, in the Pakhtuns dominated North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, sharing a long border with Afghanistan and suffering as a frontline province in the ongoing 'war against terror' is a referendum on rejecting fundamentalism, extremism and the culture of suicide bombing.

The overwhelming victory of Awami National Party, a continuation of the Khudai Khidmatgar Movement of Bacha Khan, in the recently held general election is a clear proof that elements of extremism, fundamentalism and violence were alien to Pakhtun society and were implanted in the Pakhtun heartland by external and internal conspirators to promote their vested interest in Afghanistan. When Pakhtuns were provided the opportunity they rejected the politics of hatred, violence and bombings and voted the philosophy of non-violence, brotherhood and fellow-feelings preached by Abdul Ghafar Khan, popularly known as Bacha Khan.

Head of the Regional Studies Center of Afghanistan, Abdul Ghafoor Liwal in an exclusive chat with Pajhwok Afghan News said Pakistani agencies were trying to prove Pakhtun as a violent nation, allying with Al-Qaeda but the recent elections showed that Pakhtun voted nationalists parties which are advocating democracy and peace.

"The statement of Asfandyar Wali Khan, chief of Awami National Party after the election in which he said a totally wrong picture of Pakhtun has been depicted to the world is of great importance," he opined.

He said in this statement there is a clear message that the present war has been imposed on Pakhtun from outside

"And must be an eye-opener for the new Pakistani government and also for outer world," Liwal added.

He said the ISI has still been playing its old game of grabbing millions of dollars international organizations on the name of 'war against terror' and pitting Pakhtun against each other in tribal areas.

When asked that what would be the impact of Asfandyar Wali Khan's statement on Pakhtun, Liwal said Pakhtun have now got enough political conscious and that was why they voted nationalists parties into power.

Writer and political analyst Asadullah Ghazanfar told Pajhwok Afghan News such elements to depict Pakhtun as terrorists were active both in Pakistan and Afghanistan and the statement of Afandyar Wali Khan was an attack on those elements.

He said Asfandyar wanted to convey to the world that Pakhtun was a peace loving nation and the war was being imposed on them.

When asked that the war was being fought on Pakhtun land then how the statement of Asfandyar would change the international approach, Ghazanfar said the victory of nationalist forces in the recent elections was a clear proof the statement of Mr. Wali.

Ghazanfar was optimistic that the ANP would implement its electoral agenda and would work for the betterment and prosperity of war-weary Pakhtuns.

"Pakhtun are the most peace-loving, hospitable and brave people in the world having centuries old institutions like Jirga for resolving disputes but as a part of the great game played by super powers they are being depicted to the world as terrorists," remarked Dr. Prof. Ayaz Khan, a professor of Physics in Peshawar. He however said the results of the 2008 elections made it clear to the whole world that Pakhtun were a peace-loving nation.

Jehangir Khan, a Professor of English in Tangi College told Pajhwok Afghan News on phone that despite the fact that Pakhtun are deeply religious but they have a tolerant and secular society. He sited several proverbs of Pakhto language including this one "Ka tha kafar ye kho za ma zegar ye" (Even if you are a non-believer but you are my beloved) which clearly depicted the pluralism and secular nature of Pakhtun society.
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