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Welcome to AfghanSite Calling Card Page, in this page you'll find the most affordable calling Cards to Afghanistan.  We are offering Zang Calling Cards, Ertebat Calling cards.  Zang Cards are available from US, Canada and Europe.  Ertebat Calling cards are available from US, Canada and Europe.
Here we will briefly compare the Zang and Ertebat calling cards to help you pick the right calling card to Afghanistan.
Calls & Fees & Rounding Zang Calling Card Ertebat Calling Card
Maintenance Fee $0 there is no fee at all $ 0.79 After mid night of first use ( If you do not finish your card in the first day you will get charged $0.79 one time fee
Calling to 93 70 $0.24 if you are calling AWCC network, it is better to buy Ertebat $0.19 Calling AWCC network, Ertebat gives you the best pricing
Call 93 + $0.24 calls to any number (land,  mobile) to number is charged only 24 cents.  So if you are not calling AWCC network, Zang is the best choice for you. $0.31 Calls to any number in Afghanistan but AWCC is charged 31 cents, so if you make calls to other numbers but AWCC Zang is the right choice for you.
Rounding Minutes 1 Minute Rounding On their cards says 3 Minute rounding, however in the actual calls they do 1 Min rounding.

Zang Calling Cards can be purchased online, and is available to USA, Canada, Europe.  Please click to one of the flags bellow to purchase Zang Calling Cards. Europe cards are coming in First week of Feb.


USA customers try our Ertebat calling cards to Afghanistan
Canadian customers try our Ertebat calling cards to Afghanistan Ertebat Presents:

$0.19/min Calling Card to Afghanistan.  We all have families in Afghanistan, and we all have tried many cards which promised lots of minutes, but when you actually talked you never got what they promised.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and Ertebat Afghanistan Calling card is THE MOST AFFORDABLE calling card in the market.  Only 19 Cent per minute to Afghanistan any time of the day and YOU WILL GET FULL MINUTES.

Please note that only time you might pay more than 19 cent would be if you are calling the other mobile company in Afghanistan but AfghanWireless.  However calling any land line (home line) or AfghanWireless mobiles it will still be 19 cent per minute.  

Please note the 19 Cent/minute is only offered to USA and Canadian residents.  You simply pick how many cards you want, make the payment, and check your AfghanSite account, and you will have access to 1800 Access Number and Pin code.

If you have a question or problems with our calling cards, please Click Here for Support !

Limited Quantity, first come first serve


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